Christ the King Preschool

"If it hasn't been in the hand and the body, then it can't be in the brain." -Bev Bos

Christ the King Lutheran Church Preschool is a state-licensed, non-profit preschool that started in 1994
as an outreach ministry to the families of this community. 

The program is designed to provide a quality early childhood experience where children can play.
The Preschool program offers opportunities for the physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth of the child.
Each are encouraged to explore God's world at his/her own unique developmental level.

All classrooms work on kindergarten readiness skills, in a loving and accepting Christian environment.

    Focus on Jesus

    Teaching our little ones about Jesus' love is so important! Wednesday mornings all the classes attend chapel led by Pastors Brandon Way and Mike Anderson, where they sing songs and learn stories about God. 

    Kids learn that God made us, we can trust God's plan, about Jesus' birth, Easter and much more!

    Focus on Education

    We encourage incorporating play as a way to learn! Children discover the world through creative experiences in science, literature, music, art, dramatic play, cooking and outdoor experiences.

    Kids learn about letters, colors, water, holidays, nature, fire safety, robots, insects and so much more!