Our Missionaries

Christ the King supports missionaries throughout the world
and arranges short-term mission trips.

  • Location: Tokyo, Japan

    Organization: CRU Campus Crusade for Christ

    Ministry Focus: College students in Japan

    Kyle Aston, is a graduate from Fallbrook High School and was the 2011 Valedictorian. After graduation, he studied mathematics at UCLA. He is currently serving in Tokyo, Japan, with CRU. Kyle worked for two years as an intern on the team in Tokyo. He became a team leader and worked closely with Christina Eads while she was serving with CRU in Tokyo. It was more than seven years after he first felt God calling him to Japan that he decided to go into full-time ministry and ended up replacing Christina as she transitioned back to the States.

    Cru was originally founded as Campus Crusade for Christ in 1951, when Bill and Vonette Bright began the ministry on the UCLA campus. As an interdenominational Christian evangelism and discipleship ministry "CRU is committed to helping proclaim the gospel throughout the world... by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others and helping the body of Christ to do evangelism and discipleship.”

    In Japan, freedom of religion is guaranteed to all by the constitution. However, more than 70% of Japanese people claim no personal religion, but the majority follows the demands of idolatrous and ancestor-venerating Buddhism and rituals of polytheistic Shintoism. Historically, Japanese identity is deeply tied to Shintoism, and formal dissociation from this connection is extremely difficult in a land where conformity rules.

    Click here to view Kyle's video testimony.

  • Location: Ghana, West Africa

    Organization: Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT)

    Ministry Focus: Minister to the Komba people of Ghana

    David is LBT's Regional Director for Ghana, Nigeria, and Cameroon. He works with LBT partner organizations, churches and LBT missionaries. David & Valerie have been serving in Ghana since 2003. Early on, David worked with Komba-Speaking nationals to develop and complete a Komba language primer series. He also helped identify and train literacy facilitators, supervisors and other workers in the Komba Literacy and Bible Translation Project. David also supports the Komba Literacy and Bible Translation Project through frequent contact with the project coordinator and teaching workshops focused on using the New Testament and other Bible-related tools and resources. Valerie manages their busy household and home-schools their four children: Michaela, Josiah, Micah and JoyAnna, as well as communicates with family and supporters.

  • Location: Columa, CA

    Organization: Jews for Jesus

    Ministry Focus: To make the messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people worldwide.

    David “Moose” Garrett is the children and youth ministry director at Jews for Jesus. He is a graduate of Concordia University Chicago. David and his wife, Kathleen, have been involved with Jews for Jesus since 1975 and have both served on staff since 1981. Jews for Jesus focuses on reaching Jewish people via: evangelistic literature, witnessing campaigns, music and drama, secular media outreach, person-to-person ministry, and internet evangelism. The Garretts have two grown daughters, Virginia and Monica.

  • Location: Zimbabwe, Africa

    Organization: OC Africa

    Ministry Focus: Discipling Zimbabweans

    In 2014, the Lord opened the door for Jay and Sarah Gerhart to relocate to Zimbabwe and serve in ministry there on a full-time basis. Their passion is to disciple the nation of Zimbabwe through transformed lives. Their pursuit is to assist Zimbabwean nationals to grow as godly, kingdom-oriented leaders and impact their nation in a positive and healthy way. For example, Jay and Sarah disciple university students and grow godly women in leadership positions. They are committed to fostering discipleship making movements, mentoring and encouraging local leaders, and facilitating numerous Christ-centered workshops. It is their prayer that the local church will be the primary vehicle in helping to rebuild Zimbabwe upon a strong, Biblical foundation.

  • Location: Peshkopi, Diber, Albania

    Organization: SON ~ Spiritual Orphans Network

    (formerly East European Missions Network)


    Ministry Focus: A healthy, growing church in every city and village of Diber and beyond.

    Dan and Dawn Hall serve with SONetwork. SON serves in formerly communist nations mostly seeking to rebuild Lutheran churches and encourage pastors, but also in former communist nations, like Albania, where there hasn’t been a significant Christian presence for centuries.

    They have served in Albania since 2014 and live in Peshkopi, a mountain region of Diber, Albania. Peshkopi is a small city of 15,000 people and the region of Diber has 144 separate villages. There is only one church in Peshkopi, Alfa Omega, which serves the entire region of Diber. This area is known to be more Muslim than other parts of Albania, and God has put it on their hearts to take the Church to the villages.

    Because this region is made up of many villages which are fairly isolated from the outside world, and some not even closely connected to each other, their process also includes discovering the unique cultural characteristics of each village and actively developing relationships with people to see where God is leading them to go deeper.

    Their vision is “a healthy, growing church in every city and village of Diber and beyond.” They start there by focusing on prayer, training, practicing and strategizing. Training includes Bible study, evangelism training and practice, establishing and leading small groups, raising up and training new leaders, and church planting strategies. The ultimate goal is to start new churches that start new churches. The Halls have visited many of the 144 villages in Diber and have formed an outreach team with four Albanians to go make disciples in each of the villages.

    They have six children, four of whom were adults when they moved to Albania, and the youngest two, Isaac and Elizabeth, went with them to Albania. Since then, after 6 years in Albania, Isaac moved back to the US to attend university, and this fall, Elizabeth will begin at a school in St. Louis for students with special needs.

  • Location: Nampula, Mozambique, Africa

    Organization: Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)

    Ministry Focus: MAF pilots share Christ's love by flying medicine, doctors, disaster relief, education, evangelists, Bible translators, food supplies, agriculture, and clean water supplies into remote areas.

    Dave is pleased that MAF Mozambique is a partner with the MozMed project in which MAF provides transportation to Christian doctors, nurses, and dentists, who minister to isolated people in the name of Jesus. As a pilot, Dave works with local agencies and other ministry organizations to help in whatever situation is needed to provide support relief to those anywhere in Mozambique. They fly food and medical supplies to villages where ground transportation is limited or impossible. They fly out people in remote locations with medical emergencies or fly doctors in, as needed. Gerd provides a loving home for her family and supports Dave in his role as program manager, as well as being a back-up flight follower on weekends and early mornings.